Future Magazine, UTHSCSA School of Medicine, 2007

At precisely 7:30 a.m. on a recent Saturday morning, Dr. Robert Esterl, director of medical student education in the School of Medicine’s Department of Surgery, walks into University Hospital’s J. Kent Trinkle Transplant Unit. A group of residents and one medical student await him in the hallway, and, with few introductions, they begin to round. … PDF available


Future Magazine (2007) School of Medicine, UTHSC San Antonio

It’s a profound rite of passage into the medical profession. Every July, more than 220 new medical students walk through the doors of the university’s gross anatomy laboratory to meet their very first patients. … Guiding students through this challenging eight-month curriculum in human anatomy is Linda Johnson, Ph.D., an award-winning professor of cellular and structural biology … PDF available


Trinity Magazine, Trinity University, 2007

When Marine Staff Sgt. Eric Alva, the first American wounded in the Iraq War, stood on the Chapman Auditorium stage last spring, it wasn’t to debate or defend how the country’s leaders have handled the conflict. The San Antonio native, who lost his leg when he stepped on a landmine near Basra on March 23, 2003, had a different story to share with Trinity students. “I was an American serving his country, who lost his leg during wartime, but there’s another part of me that people didn’t know—that I was a gay man serving his country,” says Alva. …


Sombrilla Magazine, 2003

EXCERPT: While casting an unsentimental eye on the neighborhood’s struggles with poverty and violence, Ordoñez wants people—insiders and outsiders—to see the beauty in their midst. Last year she and a fellow San Anto veteran, UTSA junior Danny Delgado, were handed an opportunity to let West Siders tell their own story. Through a grant to San Anto from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), they coordinated a documentary photography project in the Cassiano Homes public housing apartments. They called it “Por Nuestros Ojos—Through Our Eyes.” …

PDF available